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Youthforia (YOFO) is the North West regional youth voice network, co-produced with a Steering Group (SG) of young people. This dynamic initiative brings together over 100 young people from 24 local authorities, enabling young voices to influence thousands of peers in their communities

YOFO brings together over 100 young people engaged in youth councils from across the 24 local authorities in the Northwest. 


YOFO is coproduced with a Steering Group of 10 elected young leaders who plan and deliver events, liaise with guest speakers, and oversee social media. Annually, a new Steering Group is elected, ensuring fresh perspectives and continued engagement.

YOFO is a safe and inclusive space which provides opportunities to network, deliberate, co-create, cooperate, and also have fun and make friends with peers from different areas of the Northwest. 


YOFO supports youth councils and Members of Youth Parliament to meet, discuss local issues, and work on nationally selected “Make Your Mark” topics. 


Young people develop essential leadership skills and take active roles in decision-making processes. By participating in YOFO, young people contribute to community projects and regional initiatives, making a tangible impact on local issues. 

Since its inception, YOFO has engaged young people for over 26,000 hours. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020, YOFO remains a vibrant platform for active citizenship and youth empowerment.

Young people describe YOFO as a safe, inclusive, youth-led space, supported by skilled YFNW professionals, where they can have fun, learn, network, and make friends.


YOFO meetings offer young people the chance to voice their opinions on various issues and connect with decision-makers regionally and beyond.


Participants gain valuable skills such as teamwork, negotiation, conflict resolution, adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership, which enhance their educational and employment prospects.


YOFO alumni have progressed into careers in democracy, leadership, and activism.

“It’s really helped me gain confidence as a person. I can walk into a room and tell myself, you can make a difference, and you will, and you do every day. But this experience has really opened my mind, and my views have definitely changed for the better, because I’ve met so many young people and wonderful staff.” 


“YOFO was the highlight of my time at that period. I kind of made friends for life that are still some of my best friends today, and it was just my favourite weekends that I remember.”


“YOFO gave me understanding of how small actions and just engaging with different people and different communities can actually make a big difference to quality of life. Even at a very local level, which encouraged me to think that actually you don’t have to be the leader of a country, you don’t have to be an MP to be someone who’s actually making a change to everyday lives every day.”

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