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Liverpool City Region Youth Assembly


Following a successful funding application to Erasmus+, Youth Focus NW are facilitating a Youth Assembly Project to enhance the voice of young people within the Liverpool City Region devolution agenda.

Roles and Remit

The terms of reference of the Youth Assembly should be developed in partnership with young people, the Mayor and the LCRYA portfolio Lead for Young People and would likely undertake the following:

  • Advise the Mayor and LCRYA on key issues of concern to young people, and provide solutions
  • Provide a critical voice and scrutinise the work of the Mayor and LCRYA
  • Focus on issues from the Mayors manifesto that affect young people, such as; Apprenticeships and 16/19+ opportunities, and focus on all areas within the LCR
  • To advise the mayor on the needs of communities, that can inform the distribution of funds from the LCR
  • Discuss and debate proposals put forward by metro mayor before they are put into effect / to form part of the consultative process before initiatives are put into place


Whilst acknowledging that gender is a fluid construct and not binary, The Youth Assembly will be gender balanced and open to all young people aged 11-18 (or up to 25 with a disability or additional need) who live, or who are educated in the LCR. It will build sustainable, inclusive and effective youth representative structures from across the six local authorities, drawing young people from established youth councils and seeking to engage other hard to reach communities who are not represented within established youth councils and other organisations across the region. Ensuring representation of all communities- voices of all young people, including hard to reach groups (e.g. Travellers, BME, SEN)

It will be representative of the diverse communities in the Liverpool City Region, including geography and communities of interest; linking in with existing youth groups already working with the harder-to-reach young people, to ensure it have a strong mandate and avoids duplication.

The project will be led by a Leaders Group of twelve young people, who will co-ordinate a series of task groups with larger groups of young people, these groups will mirror the thematic groups of the LCR, each group will nominate a spokesman to attend/liaise  with the LCR thematic groups. These young people drawn from the six local authority areas, which will oversee and drive the project. This number will mean it is:

  • Able to build a diverse and representative membership base
  • Has capacity for members to take on active roles without placing undue burden on them
  • Is resilient to members leaving
  • All members of the Youth Assembly will help in the co-design of two youth conferences, involving 150 young people from across the Liverpool City Region.

Delivery Models

A representative group of young people are drawn from a wider group, whose responsibility will be to attend committee meetings, they will also co-ordinate are wider meetings where other groups of young people can become involved, both in person, through social media and consultation. The Young leaders will ensure that all young people have a chance to get involved, and to have informal and formal structures so all can participate. These young people/groups will be recruited to form sub groups.

Initially four sub groups will be formed to reflect the initial thematic workstreams of the mayor’s office, although more may be formed over time. Each sub group will have a spokesman who will attend/liaise with the LCRYA task groups.

If you would like to get involved then please contact Youth Focus North West who are supporting the development of the assembly

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