Registered Office: Micklehead Business Village, Unit 6b, St Michaels Road, St. Helens, WA9 4YUMon - Fri: 9.00 - 17:00
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Elizabeth Harding
CEO & Company Secretary

Elizabeth has worked at Youth Focus NW since late 2003 leading it from an unincorporated association into a leading youth voice charity.

Working in a number of youth work organisations over the past 30 years in urban and rural settings and in the statutory and voluntary sectors has given her a broad base of experience.  Retaining a passion for youth work and in particular Youth Voice Elizabeth advocates for it at every opportunity.  As part of her role Elizabeth develops and maintains strong relationships with local providers and regional and national partners.

Elizabeth has worked with a range of cultural and health organisations to both promote good practice of young people’s participation and to develop the voice and influence of young people regionally and nationally. Currently she is working with young people to ensure their voices are heard by the newly devolved administrations in the North West and to support the GM Health and Social Care Partnership improve health care for young people through engagement.  She supports Youthforia, the youth led North West Youth Forum and works with the British Youth Council co-ordinating the UK Youth Parliament and other voice initiatives.

Business and Administration Manager