Registered Office: Micklehead Business Village, Unit 6b, St Michaels Road, St. Helens, WA9 4YUMon - Fri: 9.00 - 17:00
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Bernard Booth
Company Treasurer

I have been involved in youth work over 40 years , in both the voluntary and statutory sectors, experiencing the roles of volunteer, part-time and full time youth worker, progressing into training, development, management and Principal Youth Officer. Developed from my personal experiences in youth work a special interest in motivating and getting the best from staff through formative supervision and appraisal practice. Proud to have been recognised in OFSTED reports praising the training I was responsible for as well as my role as Principal Youth Officer. Devised policy and practice to ensure young people are given and have a voice at both organisation and Children Trust level. I undertook a review of Cyprus Youth Service in 1988 and delighted that the report and recommendations were fully accepted and implemented. In 2001 and 2002 I was a member of a small team that introduced detached youth work in the City of Ivonavo in Russia, culminating in speaking at a national conference held there. Trained Ivonavo city staff, University staff and volunteers in the practice of detached youth work methods. Represented the youth work field on the Education and Training Standards committee and the national RAMP at the National Youth Agency. I have been a trustee of Youth Focus North West prior to it becoming a charity in 2006 and I currently hold the post as Treasurer.  I am pleased to say that we remain financially viable having had to downsize following the government austerity measures. Currently we are increasing our staff team to meet the new contracts we have secured. We are now in the process of further defining how we conduct our business with a continued focus on the involvement of young people as a core reason why we exist.

Regional Development Officer

Business and Administration Manager