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Welcome to Youth Focus North West.

Improving lives of young people across the North West. And sometimes, even beyond.

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Our Ethos

As an organisation, we have a set of core values:


Our mission is to improve the lives of young people by working with them to enable each individual to reach their full potential and become active citizens.


We believe that young people have a right to be heard and responded to in a positive and respectful way, shown through our work with Youthforia, the North West youth forum.


We believe in equality of opportunity, challenging discriminatory practices and promoting community cohesion and working together with others.


We believe that our work is a process of personal, social and political education; we also believe we work with honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do.

Latest News

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Partnership with Eurodesk

Youth Focus NW is pleased to announce that we will be one of the ten partners for Eurodesk in the UK.  Eurodesk UK is setting up a network of partners to support the delivery and promotion of Eurod[...]

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